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I´ve been to New York City over the first weekend in December

I spent one week skiing at the Westin Resort & Spa in the Rocky Moutains

I got a really expensive manicure with a long lasting nail polish- it didn´t last long after all…
I bought my favorite pastries
Did some painting on my body…
I had a yummy american breakfast
Fell in love with that ring at Charming Charlie 
I spent a cozy evening at home looking at the new IKEA- catalog to get some ideas
I made pistachio-macarons with a friend- they were sooo damn yummy!
Had a smoothie at Cheesecake Factory with some friends while wearing my new collar
Christmas Baking
Got some last-minute christmas presents at ikea and had the yummy swedish meatballs for lunch
Christmassy purple nail polish
skiing at the Rocky Mountains again
The cutest Starbucks I´ve ever seen
Nails for New Years Eve
French Toast for breakfast on New Years Eve
I hope you like the little sneak peak into my life, this was my last month of 2012!
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