My favorite food for breakfast lately are the Protein Pancakes which recipe I found on . They are totally healthy and contain a lot of protein, plus they keep me full for a long time. Oh and they are gluten free and contain no flour or sugar.

See the recipe after the cut!

Mix together:

– 1 mashed banana

– 1/4 cup egg whites

– 1 scoop of whey protein powder (I use the one from Whole Foods with natural vanilla flavor)

– a pinch  of cinnamon

Frie them with a little bit of oil like a normal pancake just make sure they are really thin. In the original recipe she adds some blueberries but I like it better without them or fresh on the side. You can also add some syrup on top but I personally don´t need that since they already taste sweet enough. If you are still more of a sweet-type then you can use some honey as another option for syrup. 
They are also perfect before your workout with some greek yogurt and fresh fruit (like in the picture above). 

You should definitely give it a try!