New Year: 2013 || New Year- New Resolutions: Going to the gym more often || Homemade Chocolate Fondue

Homemade Pizza         ||           OOTD- new shirt                 ||       Yoga

Homemade Bread- because the American bread sucks || Facemask || JOTD- Pacsun
New Nylon issue || OOTD || French Manicure
Wishlist || OOTD || Wishlist 2

Frozen Yogurt || Workout || In love with Lily Aldriges’ Ombré Hair

Lunch at Whole Foods || OOTD || Cute chocolate bar at Urban Outfitters
Protein Pancakes for breakfast || how they look like when I make them || JOTD

Coffee Break at Starbucks || Pedicure “She´s not really a waitress” || Yoga

Chucks Love || New hair color: Ombré || New hair and OOTD

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