New In- Ipod Shuffle

Today I´ve been to the mall to get some random stuff and while I was walking by the apple store I decided spontaneously to buy an iPod. I have all my music on my iPhone but it´s always such a pain listening to music with the phone at the gym because you have to put it in the bottle-holder or somewhere and I dropped it several times on the treadmill already… It´s not broken though. 😉 I bought the iPod in pink because I liked that color the most. It´s super practical that you can clip it to your shirt or your pants while you are on the treadmill or just jogging outside. If you press the small button at the top a voice will give you information about the song which is playing right now. The capacity for songs is only 2GB but that´s plenty for me because I just put my workout-playlist on it with songs that motivate me to work out. I payed 53$ included taxes which is ok in my opinion.

IMG_3648 IMG_3652

It comes with a pair of headphones and a really tiny USB- connector- I was a little surprised at first but then I thought: “Small iPod, small accessories”. 😉


Happy sunday everyone!