Travel- Chicago

It´s almost been a month since I travelled to Chicago but i still want to share some pictures I took there and stuff I did. I really loved Chicago and I have to admit I even like it  better than New York! Although it was damn cold there in February and hard to see a lot of things outside, I so enjoyed our stay there. I definitely want to go back there in summer when it´s warm and you walk along the “beach” of the lake next to Chicago. When I´ve first been to NY I totally fell in love with that city and I was convinced there is no better city out there but now that I saw Chicago….


We stayed at the Hotel Sax which is located between State St. and Dearborn St., right above the Chicago river. It was the perfect hotel to stay in- great location and I loved the atmosphere there. I can only recommend it!

IMG_2907IMG_2954Chicago2 IMG_2920 IMG_3018

That was the incredible view we had from the top of the Willis Tower.

Chicago 3

I have to admit I was so scared standing on that glass-floor which was a hundred floors high and nothing underneath! I really couldn´t look down… But still- it was totally worth it going up there!


We had dinner at the Signature Lounge on top of the Hancock Tower- I ate the best duck in my whole life! Even though the prices are a little over the top I can only recommend going out for dinner there when you plan a trip to Chicago! You have to make reservations in advance though and they have a dress code at night.


As soon as I looked out of those huge windows they have I was so impressed and just thought it was totally worth it to go up there and spend that money only to see this incredible view! And that was what we saw directly  from our dinner-table!

Chicago 4


On our last night in Chicago we went to this adorable little italian Restaurant somewhere off State Street, I think. Italian cuisine is my absolute favorite, so I really enjoyed eating there. The place was called Trattoria via Stato.IMG_1091

I hope you enjoyed this post and you got some impressions about Chicago and maybe even some good tips!