In the beginning of April I went on a road trip on the west coast of the US. We started the trip in Denver, drove through New Mexico and spent a night in Santa Fe, then through Arizona, took a look at the Grand Canyon and then visited Los Angeles for a couple of days. I totally fell in love with the Beach there and the nice houses in Beverly Hills. But because there were other places we wanted to see and our time was limited we couldn’t stay in California as long as I wanted to. Our trip went on to Las Vegas through the Death Valley and after that to the Arches Nationalpark and Vail in the Rocky Mountains. Actually we also wanted to see a little bit of the Bryce Canyon but due to lots of snow on the streets (yes in the middle of April!!!) we had to turn around and spent a night somewhere in Utah.

Anyway, here are my impressions of the Grand Canyon! We only went to the South Rim and skipped the rest, like the Skywalk which is more northeast (I think ;)), because a lot of friends told me that it´s not really worth it to go up there.


Grand Canyon 1 IMG_3977I was dressed rather cozy since I thought we had to walk a lot. Apparently we didn´t walk at all, we only drove from viewpoint to viewpoint and just got out to enjoy the incredible view and take thousands of pictures. But I didn´t regret my outfit-choice- it was a warm day but sometimes a chilly wind let you shudder!

Grand Canyon 2IMG_4001The view there is just breathtak ing! The pictures can´t even capture what you see, you  have to go there if you want to see and feel how it really is. It´s hard to imagine that this is all nature- with those different colors it looks almost fake, as if someone built it.

Grand Canyon 3I loooove those shoes- they are so cozy but still look kinda cool with the neon colors. Actually bought them as workout shoes but I ended up wearing them for “occasions” like that- when you need something comfortable to wear and still want to look decent.

IMG_4017 IMG_4024It´s crazy how huge the Grand Canyon is and I´ve only been to the very south part of it!

Grand Canyon 4IMG_4047 IMG_4058 IMG_4063 IMG_4067 IMG_4094Pants: Madewell || Shoes: Nike || Top & Cardigan: H&M || Sunglasses: Ray Ban Polarized

Hope you enjoyed my impressions of the Grand Canyon which is only a small part of my travel diary. More to come!