closet; black and red

Here is just a little outfit inspiration- I would totally wear this right now if the weather wasn´t that terrible… It seems to me like it´s already autumn again! Seriously it can´t rain all day everyday, summer where are you?!

Anyway, this is something simple but still so nice. I think it doens´t matter what you wear but if you pair it with those red heels it looks beautiful in an instant! I´m so obsessed with the red heels that I got at Zara in Las Vegas.


The top is an asymmetric t- shirt (if you can´t guess 😉 ) with no sleeve at one side and it is poncho-like on the other one. I really like that cut and how it looks on you. I´m pretty sure that I will show you a “real” outfit post with this shirt as soon as the weather is nice again.


The pants are a skinny fit and since the black stripes are vertical it makes your legs look longer. The length is about to the ankles which makes it perfect to wear them with sandals.


As I said the heels are from Zara and I´m absolutely obsessed with them, especially the big buckle at the ankle!

IMG_5189 IMG_5186

The necklace is from H&M and I really like how it looks more like a part of the shirt when you wear it, than it looks like a necklace.


Pants, shirt, heels: Zara || Necklace: H&M || bracelets: vintage

Hope you enjoyed this post!