New IN; Nike Airmax1

When I first saw those really colorful Airmax I didn´t like them at all but somehow suddenly I fell in love with them and wanted to have them soo badly! Unfortunately they were sold out everywhere- both online and in stores where I live… Well last week I was lucky and ordered them on and ever since they arrived at my house I am obsessed with them!

Either you love those bulky Nikes or you hate them. For a long time I wasn´t sure wether to like them or not but I think if you pair them with something “girly” it´s a very cool contrast! Plus the colors are way prettier than they used to be when the Nike Airmax shoe first came into the stores.

IMG_5634 IMG_5638

I love the bright orange color paired with the creme and gold.

IMG_5639 IMG_5645 IMG_5648 IMG_5641

What do you think about Airmax? Cool trend or No Go?