One of my favorite go-to lunches is definitely -as simple as it sounds- Pasta. Really, I´m totally obsessed with italian food, whether it is Antipasti, Pasta, Pizza or Caprese Salad- I love it all! I know I know Pasta isn´t one of the healthiest meals but I think if you eat it for lunch instead of dinner it´s  okay and plus if you use the healthier kind of noodles like spelt-pasta or the whole wheat ones it´s not that bad anymore. And of course it also depends on what you combine it with. Try not to eat it with heavy gravy or cream sauces- cause that´s where the most calories and fat comes from! 😉 So now I´m gonna show you my simple, quick and not too unhealthy way of making my pasta!

Recipe Pasta with homeamde Pesto

What you´ll need: – 1 bunch of basil – 100g Pine nuts – 70g Parmesan (you can use more or less- depending on your taste) – 2 garlic cloves – 125ml Olive Oil – about 300g Pasta (for 2 portions) – 2 tomatoes – Salt and pepper for seasoning – additional Parmesan for topping Start with roasting the pine nuts in a pan until golden brown- you don´t need additional oil for that. While you let the nuts cool, bring water to a boil to cook the pasta. Wash the basil, remove the stems and put it in a blender together with the now cool pine nuts, olive oil, parmesan and garlic cloves. When the pasta is “al dente” put it in a strainer and let sit for a moment. For serving the pesto I always cut about two tomatoes in little chunks and put them on top of the pasta with some parmesan and basil leaves. That wasn´t too hard, right? And it really is super YUM! 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday