I´m not sure if I have ever mentioned it but I love love looove Olivia Palermo and her style! For me she represents THE classy chic, feminine and beautiful woman. Her outfits always looks so pretty without giving the impression away as if she has spent too much time on them and getting herself ready. So even if she´s just out walking her dog she spices up a casual bulky sweater with a tiny belt in which -I think we all know- we wouldn´t look nearly as good as she does…

Here she´s wearing a complete Dior outfit at the fashion house’s Haute Couture show this past summer

Oh and let´s not talk about her handsome GERMAN boyfriend Johannes Huebl who looks just as good as she does. I kinda think of them as “the perfect couple”!

What do you think? Do you agree? 🙂



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