I usually tend to create “seasonal Playlists” on my iPod where I  add all the songs I listen to “at the moment”- which is basically about one season long. The songs on those playlists aren´t necessarily only new songs, it can be old songs, new songs, very old ones. It really doesn´t matter to me, I just have to like them. 🙂 I usually browse through my whole library and give myself the chance to discover  old songs which I haven´t listened to in a while or some classics that are just always good! Most of the time I also check the playlist from the season before and add the songs I´m not tired of listening to yet to the new list. And that´s how my playlists come to live! Now that Christmas is knocking at our doors I think that fall is over and it is time for my Winter-Playlist 2013!

Music: What´s on my iPod

That is what I listened to this fall:

Playlist Fall

 I would say my two favorite songs were “Jubel” by Klingande and “Thinking about you” by Calvin Harris.

Have a great week!